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Interactive Digital Dreams (ID-DREAMS) is an innovative group that leverages 15 years of experience in the digital media sector.

Specialising in Interactive Digital Media (IDM), the company focuses on three major areas: Digital EntertainmentConsulting and Technologies. It strives to serve its clients and investments effectively by providing full services in management, consultation, conceptualisation, procurement, logistics and support, with its focus soundly based on success by application, coupled with a thorough knowledge of the industry, applications and technologies involved.

Technology partners include: Polhemus, Intersense, PhaseSpaceCyberGlove Systems, StereoGraphics | REAL D, nVIS,  5DT, Virtual Research, and VRCO.

Its extensive experience ranges from digital entertainment, visualisation, simulation and virtual reality. And it counts in its portfolio, important clients such as 10TACLE STUDIOS AG, Singapore’s Ministry of Defence, Microsoft, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore and Volume Interactions.

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